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If someone corrects your pronoun use, be respectful and carry on with the corrected pronoun! We’re all people in the end! :)

Alternatively, if someone slips up and uses the incorrect pronoun please do not bite their heads off.Some people don’t have regular contact with trans* and thus it takes time for their brains to adjust. Cooperation requires effort on both sides of the equation.



Summarize the plot of what you are currently working on as though you were telling it as a bedtime story. 

Pictures are extra points. 

Doing this for reasons. Without further ado:

Once upon a time, there was a man who had lived a very long time.  He thought that he was a very special person, because he was able to do things that many people couldn’t.  He had done bad things, and good things, but he wasn’t really a bad person or a good person.  One day, he had to hurt someone that he loved very dearly.  Because he hurt that person, he lost his gift, what he thought made him special.  This made the man sad, because he thought that he was just a normal person after being so much more than ‘normal’ for so long.  He spent a long time feeling down in the dumps, until he met a girl who made him feel special again.  He learned to appreciate his gift, and to not look down on those who didn’t have that gift.  He and the girl are still living out their happily ever after, and only time will tell if their adventures are done.

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